The East Indian Community

Original Inhabitants of Bombay, Salsette & Thana.

Update  4th March,   2016

22nd May : Unveiling of Mother Mary Statue at  Uttan

The Unveiling of a 20 foot statue of Our Lady is being held at Bhate, Uttan on 22nd May 2016. The organisers are trying to get the Mass to be said in East Indian. They have requested attendees to dress in their traditional East Indian festive attire. Ladies in Lugras and men with Surkas

Amazon Launch of East Indians

Sale of Products to further the brand East Indians of Bombay are being sold via Amazon.  Those interested in selling East Indian products may contact sales@geracao with proposal

those wanting bigger quantity may contact on the website

Call to Action : All East Indians in Bombay and Abroad

BMC Development Plan 2014

The BMC Development Map 2014

has East Indian villages marked as SLUMS/CLUSTERS rather than RESIDENTIAL

please download your ward wise maps and write in to : and to the UDRI at

Or write to

The chief engineer, Development Plan, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, 5th floor Annexe Building, Mahapalika Marg, Mumbai 400001

Online Radio Update

More songs have been added to make this truly a 24 hour running audio channel.

links have also been provided incase anyone want to hear this radio on Iphone or Andriod


The Voice of The East Indians of Bombay

The EI_Songs page has now been changed to put up the online radio. This will run 24/7. we hope to play as much EI songs ablums we can get,to promote our EI Singers. please write into for suggestions. Note this has been made a members only page.


Most of us have forgotten the above website, due to the fact that it was inactive for a long time...however in building this up once again we managed to use googles unique power of transliteration....

म्हणजे मी अयं आमची इस्ट इंडियन मनी बोलू सकेन.

hence a blog has been setup on that site to propergate our views to the world.


Mee East-Indian

The East Indians of Bombay are the true original inhabitants of Bombay (Mumbai).  Where are their villages ?  Their mother tongue is  Marathi. They have been deprived, cheated, and taken for granted over many year. Many have benefited from them. Governments have never paid much heed to them. Many feel that OBC status,  can help them.Today have come together as one, fighting for a common cause, their right to survive in their own land, to follow their customs and traditions as they have been following for generations.

Read about the East Indian culture, cuisine, folklore, songs...etc, It is indeed very sad that such a rich culture is at a risk of being lost forever. By ignoring and not caring about the original people, who have lived on the islands of Bombay, the island of Salsette, Chaul and Thana for Centuries, the current governemts are ignoring the very backbone that has made Bombay what it is today.


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